Glakyn Academy School, Pohkseh

Shillong, May 31, 2016: Fifty three students from Glakyn Academy School, Pohkseh visited Don Bosco Museum.

Hill Crest School, Rynjah

Shillong, May 26, 2016: Ninety two (92) students from Hill Crest School, Rynjah visited Don Bosco Museum.

St. Luke’s RCLP School, Mawlai

Shillong, May 24, 2016: Fifty one students from St. Luke’s RCLP School, Mawlai visited Don Bosco Museum.

A very good discovery in the heart of ‘The Scotland of the East’

[su_quote style=”default” cite=”” url=”” class=””]It was a very good discovery in the heart of ‘The Scotland of the East’. I visited many Museums of the world but I, today, found something different. It was educative too. God Bless us all.[/su_quote]

– Md Habibul Karim (NDC, PSC), Border Guard Bangladesh

Dated: March 07, 2014

Visitors at Don Bosco Museum (Photos)

Shillong, May 19 2016:

International Museum Day Celebration

Shillong, May 16, 2016: On the occasion of the International Museum Day on Wednesday 18th May 2016, Don Bosco Museum wishes all to celebrate and commemorate this day by visiting the museum at 50% discount on the entry fee. Visitors can also avail the same discount for food items in the indigenous Food Gallery of the museum. Read more…

SSA School, Kynton Massar

Shillong, May 13, 2016: Thirty five students from SSA School, Kynton Massar visited Don Bosco Museum.