Housing Pattern Gallery

Traditional houses across the tribes of North East India are built in various forms, shapes and styles. The housing pattern of the tribes of the region is conditioned by the topography of the region.

Generally, however, the traditional houses share simplicity in structure and appearance, and are mostly constructed with materials derived from nature such as bamboo, wood, leaves of trees, mud, grass and hay. Many villages are built against mountain slopes or on hill-tops, where they stand guarding their rice fields below. Historically, considerations of security against raids by others determined the location of the village, and a hill-top was often regarded as the safest location, for it would allow the villagers to notice invading enemies from afar. Traditional houses in the plains are often built on bamboo poles to protect themselves from creeping animals.

When we go round this gallery we find a plaque of the North East with different styles of traditional houses displayed on it. These give us an idea of how tribes across the region traditionally constructed their houses.