Mission & Culture Gallery

This gallery introduces you to the encounter between a whole array of different cultures in India’s North East and the Church. There are 4 sections.

Section I
The admiration of the Church for the region’s cultural diversity is represented by a crown of dances and ornamental figures on the top rim of this gallery. The encounter between people of different cultures and the Church results in mutual services of various kinds.

Section II
Moving on to the second Section, we come across images of the services rendered by the Church. These services are in the area of education, medical care, higher and technical education, publication, formation of associations, sowing of the word of God, youth ministry, formation of religious congregations, dioceses, and enthusing people to serve others even to the point of giving themselves totally for the other. This last one is entitled mission and martyrdom.

Section III
Coming to the third Section, we are given the history of the above-mentioned services from the First to the Twentieth century. In the light of that history we have the Meghalaya Gallery. And that takes us to Section 4.

Section IV
When we step into the Meghalaya Gallery, we have the Khasi mythology on the right and the Garo mythology on the left. Each culture can be understood better in the light of its own mythology. The portraits in this Section are those of a few of the pioneers who came to this region to bring the various services we have mentioned earlier.