Religion & Cultures Gallery

In this gallery we are taken through a number of wall plaques which introduce us to the relationship between culture and religion.

The central idea behind this gallery is that culture and religion both have elements which unite people, and that religion and religion, if properly understood, are meant to unite all the people across the world as brothers and sisters.

Before we start with the first plaque, situated on our left, let’s first have a look at the miniature tower in front of us. It is a rath, which translates as tower, and is used for ceremonial purposes during the Behdeinklam festival, celebrated by the Jaintias of Meghalaya.

Behdeinklam is the most important dance festival of the Jaintias. It is celebrated after the sowing period is over. At Jowai town this festival can be seen being celebrated in July. Behdeinkhlam is an invocation to god seeking his blessings for a good harvest. Women do not participate in the dancing, but they remain at home. They have an important function to play at home, for it is they who offer sacrificial food to the spirits of the ancestors and the ancestresses.