Traditional Technology Gallery

In the Traditional Technology Gallery, we find an exhibition of various traditional crafts found among the tribes in North East India.

As we walk along the vitrines we see displays of pottery making, the brewing of rice beer, basket making, weaving, blacksmithy and goldsmithy, wood carving, leather making and cane making. From early days, each community has developed its own technique and designs in these crafts. Almost each tribe, for example, has its own distinctive shawl, which is woven by the womenfolk, and in which they take great pride. Among the Nagas, it is sad that they have woven their history into their shawls, which are of different designs and colours.

Moving on to the right, we walk into a hall showcasing a wide variety of traditional utensils and showpieces. There are betel nuts tray, of various sizes and colours, earthen pots, bamboo made sun shields and hats, metal bowls and pots, and hand fans. If we want to know more about the items on display please make use of the touch screen. It will provide us with more background information.