Donate Materials

Thank you for your interest to donate materials to Don Bosco Museum, Shillong.

The Museum acquires new materials/artifacts for its permanent collection in the Museum through donations and/or bequests. In assessing potential donations, the Museum considers whether the items meet the following criteria – are they relevant to the Museum’s mission; do they strengthen existing collections; and will we be able to give proper care. Acquired collections are used to support the Museum’s research activities, educational programmes and others.

If you are interested in donating materials/artifacts to the Museum, please contact us before bringing your materials/artifacts to the Museum.

You can send an email, address a letter or call the Director, DBCIC. Our contact information is provided at our Contact page.

Please ensure to include your name, contact information, and a detailed description (including pictures) of the materials/artifacts you would like to donate.

Other than materials/artifacts, DBCIC will be glad to accept Cash Donations.