Call to contribute papers for a journal

NEIRA Journal Anthropology TodayGreetings from DBCIC (Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures) and NEIRA (North Eastern Institute for Research in Anthropology), the research wing of DBCIC, Shillong.

We are happy that the second issue (February 2016) of our Journal “Anthropology Today: An International Peer Reviewed NEIRA Journal” came out and was released on February 10, 2016. Most of the 15 articles in this issue deal with the role and significance of various festivals of tribal communities of North East India, namely, the Wanchos, Konyaks, Riangs, Khasis, Garos, Kukis, Rongmeis and the Hmars as well as a few other significant articles on agricultural and health practices, religion and cultures, families and communication. The Journal, like the first issue, was received well by all.

As we move on to the next issue that will be released in the beginning of August 2016, NEIRA Journal have the honour to personally invite you to send us an article of your specialization in the broad areas of “indigenous peoples, heritage domains, sustainable development, culture and society, and inclusive programmes.”

DBCIC also welcomes the submission of manuscripts, book reviews, and other materials for publication in keeping with the nature of the journal. Scholars and researchers are welcome to submit their research papers and articles on the possible areas as mentioned in the previous para. Please see also

Kindly send us your article by e-mail at with a copy to by the end of May 2016 for the August 2016 issue and also for the subsequent issues as and when you are ready.

Do circulate the information among your friends, colleagues and others who may be interested in contributing or subscribing to the journal. Kindly share their email id/phone so that we can also invite them personally.

NEIRA Journal follows a combination of APA & MLA styles to allow authors who have heavy footnotes and which cannot be easily shortened. However, NEIRA Journal prefers the APA stylesheet. You can download the stylesheet as well as the template from the links below:

NEIRA Journal Stylesheet (pdf)
NEIRA Journal Template (dotx)