Folklore Imprints in North East India

Folklore Imprints in North East IndiaBy Desmond L. Kharmawphlang

About the Book:
“Folklore Imprints in North East India” is a collection of essays of relatively new thinking and perception about folklore which has been influenced by engagements with attempts to formulate theoretical positions about it. This project assumes importance because the future of Folkloristics in this part of the world is dependent on an approach inspiring professional appraisal of the immanent cultural material we call ours. This book is dedicated to all those who have kept alive the process and resource of tradition and celebrated its wealth through sacred memory.

About the Author:
Desmond L. Kharmawphlang is a poet and folklorist. He is the author of several books and some thirty scholarly articles published in national and international journals.

As a Visiting Professor he has lectured at Delhi University, Western Oregon University, Oregon State University and Portland University, U.S.A. on a consultancy programme sponsored by the Institute of International Education, New York, U.S.A. He is on the Executive Board of the Belief Narrative Network of the International Society for Folk Narrative Research. He teaches Folkloristics in the Department of Cultural and Creative Studies at North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong, where he is professor.

Author: Desmond L. Kharmawphlang
Publisher: Don Bosco Publications – DBCIC, Shillong
ISBN: 978-81-931919-5-8
Year: 2017
Price: Rs. 150 / US $10
Pages: 200
Typeset and Layout: Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures
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