Proverbs of North East

Proverbs of North East IndiaBy Jecinta W. Khyriem

About the Book:
Proverbs are popular sayings which contain wisdom, hidden truths and moral lessons for the people. They deal with how to act and live in their respective societies. Proverbs are rarely used in our everyday language but in certain occasions, the use of proverbs makes communication more effective. Proverbs bring to light the socio-cultural life of the people of a community. They help to mould the character of individuals and the community as a whole. Needless to say, proverbs form part and parcel of a culture and knowing the proverbs of a tribe is understanding the culture of the tribe,

Living in the 21st centure, we are in danger of losing our cultural identity as the present generation is not aware of the rich traditions that our ancestors have bestowed upon us. As loss of culture is loss of identity, it is important to preserve the rich cultural traditions of the different tribes that inhabit the north-east. In order to safeguard and prevent them from being lost forever, they need to be put into writing and handed over the future generations. The present book on the proverbs of north-east has eight chapters, and covers some selected proverbs taken from the different tribes of north-east India. Each proverb conveys serious messages to the people through its hidden meanings and significance. The purpose of this book is to bring to the notice of the present generation the richness of cultures handed over to us by our ancestors.

About the Author:
Ms Jecinta Wansuk Khyriem was born in Shillong. He did a diploma course inf Folkloristics in the year 2004, from the Department of Culture and Creative Studies, NEHU, Shillong and completed her M.A. from Tezpur University, Assam in the year 2007. She is presently working as a Research Scholar in Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures, Mawlai, Shillong.

ISBN: 81-85-408-00-47
Publisher: Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures (DBCIC)
Year: 2010
Pages: 99

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