The Morung and Other Stories

The Morung and Other StoriesBy R. R. Graviour Augustine

About the Book:
Our life in the present moment of history is passing through such a change that our next generation is in danger of being in ignorance about their past. It is a reality that will affect the people of not only the towns and cities but also the remote villages. While history books provide facts, fiction and stories have a unique way of reflecting, instructing and providing information. R. R. Graviour Augustine, a Catholic Missionary in Nagaland for over twenty five years, besides providing an interesting reading, gives a mirror of the village life of remote areas of our State in The Morung and Other Stories.

About the Author:
R. Rajkumar Graviour Augustine is a diocesan priest belonging to the Catholic Diocese of Kohima, Nagaland. He holds a licentiate in Catechetics and a Post-Graduate Degree in Pastoral Communication. He is the Director of the Diocesan Pastoral Centre, Dimapur. He is also the Secretary of the Regional Commission for Catechetics in north-east India. He has been instrumental in revising the Grow-in-Faith Series, the catechism books of the region.

ISBN: 81-85-408-00-49
Publisher: Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures (DBCIC)
Year: 2010
Pages: 96

Price: INR 75

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