The Museum also acts as a Research Centre – North Eastern Institute for Research in Anthropology (NEIRA) – which was established under the patronage of Shri KK Paul, the honourable Governor of Meghalaya. The Centre has already published a number of books in an effort to share knowledge about the tribes, traditions and cultures of North East India. The possible areas to undertake research under NEIRA are:

  • Study of lesser known tribes of the North East
  • Study of significant social organizations in the different tribes and their inter-relationships in the North East
  • Collection of Anthropological literature in the different tribes of the North East
  • The institution of property and social change: A Study of the North East
  • Studies on materials unearthed by North East Archeology
  • Indian culture and its unity and diversity in the North East
  • Exploring the threads binding Indigenous Cultures in the North East
  • Anthropometric data on population in the North East in a systematic and scientific manner vis-à-vis the same in the rest of the country
  • Bio-anthropological survey of the population in the North East in the areas of health profile, demographic pattern and food habits
  • Tribal solidarity movements in the North East
  • Weaker sections in the North East
  • Ways to strengthen Peace Movements in the North East
  • Border Societies and Territorial claims
  • Impact of urbanization and industrialization in the North East
  • Management of environment and natural resources in the North East
  • Documentation of folk music, folk art and folk craft in the North East
  • A study of buffer and bridge communities between tribes in North East India
  • Others