Meticulously planned and executed

Conrad A Saldanha[su_quote style=”default” cite=”” url=”” class=””]Many thanks for the excellent opportunity to experience the Don Bosco Museum (Shillong, Meghalaya).[/su_quote]

I have enjoyed being immersed in the various cultures exquisitely displayed and explained in the various sections of the Museum. The Museum has been meticulously planned and executed.

It has immense potential of becoming a significant contributor not only to the North East but also to the whole of India in the field of understanding cultures as a diverse yet unifying factor.

May your efforts be blessed with success.

– Conrad A. Saldanha, Principal Advisor
Don Bosco Centre for Learning (DBCL)
Don Bosco Institute of Technology (Engineering College)
Don Bosco Institute of Technology – MMS (Management Institution)
Don Bosco Maritime Academy
Sr. Joseph’s Industrial Training Institute