[su_quote style=”default” cite=”” url=”” class=””]Cultures and food habits go together.[/su_quote]

North East India with its nearly 300 cultural communities, besides being a mosaic of living cultures, is also an incredible assortment of cuisines. Get a taste of at least a few of them in the Food Gallery of Don Bosco Museum.

After many foreign and domestic tourists who visited the museum inquire the availability of ethnic cuisine of the region, a Food Gallery was setup where indigenous cuisine of the region can be tasted, such as the pork chops to bamboo shoot, the world-renowned Raja Mirchi, the less spicy cuisine of Mizoram, the fragrant wild rice or the zesty fish dishes of Manipur, the Momos and Noodles of Sikkim or Arunachal Pradesh, the masala fare of Tripura, the tangy flavours of Assamese cuisine, the tasty Jadoh and the famous Tungrymbai of the Khasis, the Wakpura of the Garos, are all available in the Food Gallery.

Other than the indigenous cuisine, one can also taste Continental, Chinese and Indian cuisine as well.

Please note, visitors are requested to pre-book their order before touring the Museum Galleries.

Some of the menu available in the Food Gallery: (Click on the State’s name to expand the menu)

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  • Na’tok Skokapa (Garo’s special Fish head curry)
  • Wakpura (Pork dish made with Mustard Leaves)
  • Jadoh (Pork Liver Puluo)
  • Tungrymbai (An exotic Khasi spicy side dish made out of pork & fermented Soya Beans)
  • Dohneiiong